Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I highly recommend!

The Big Bang theory, is by far, the funniest comedy series I have ever seen. Dr. Sheldon Cooper for the win! BAZINGAAAAAAA!
If you havent seen this, GET IT DOWNLOADED!
Also, after watching yesterday's premier of Glee Season 2, I'm already giving it a two thumbs up!

Dude, you know what?

I don't have enough middle fingers to tell you how I feel.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Crazy Love

I can't, not even the slightest bit, come up with appropriate words to explain how I felt on the fateful day I saw this..

13th March 2011. THE day dreams come true. I've been a fan for about eight years now. Been hoping and praying that he'd one day show up in lame old Malaysia for a concert.

So when i found out he actually was making his way down here, the only things I could mutter were [warning improper use of language]

"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! WHERE TO BUY TICKETS? I'm heart attacking! Holy cow in the highest degree of heaven! I'm going to die and cry! FTW!". Followed by :D :D :D :D

how can you not fall in love with this?

those eyes. the voice. the humour. the style. LEGEN..wait for it..DARY!

Anyway, if you were wondering if I got tickets to the concert, HELL YEAH I did! This feels so surreal. 57 days and counting. :)


Can't believe its been this long since I logged on to Blogspot. Perhaps, a little too late to say Happy New Year?

The sudden urge to blog is a result of having created an account at

..but never managing to reblog. I seriously need some sort of a tutorial or something.

So I guess, I'm back? :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

HELLO AGAIN! It's the first of July. Where did the year go?

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hadnt seen Nisha for 3 weeks, so we decided to meet up at Sunway Pyramid. I arrived at 10.30 am 'cause i was being dropped off, so yea story of my life. I walked around the entire mall alone like some sad soul. Ended up shopping though haha. Went to Padini and got a shirt which was originally 99 bucks and another top which was 50 bucks at half price. Now don't you just love sales? :)

Walking around for 2 hours really does hurt. Headed to Popular to catch up on the latest gossip in their magazines after that. Nisha arrived at about 12.30, if im not mistaken. By then we were both starving and as usual, just could not decide on the place to eat haha. Finally, we ended up at Nandos, for old times sake.

After lunch and a whole lot of incidents after, we ended up going to the movies. Ended up watching Prince of Persia: Sands of time. It was indeed not bad, not splendid or anything but yea.

While waiting for the movie, i suggested we payed Sunway Resort a visit, so we casually walked over and had so much fun just hanging out at the lobby. Loadsa cute kids running around haha. Nisha wanted to kidnap a few, im sure.

shiny posh looking floor

her sony shutter smile thingy worked apparently

We hung around and completely lost track of time. Before we knew it, it was already 9 and time for us to leave. A day well spent, indeed.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

TOY STORY 3! So yea we have all been waiting 11 years for it. Went for the premier, in 3D. Awesomest cartoon ever made. Disney Pixar!

friends from the past :)

Show off in motion hahahah!

Showing off in style hahahahah!

Friday, 18th June 2010

KlCC adventure with Nisha, Azrina, Dayang and Urooj. Met up at SS15 around mid day and i got to satisfy my bubble tea craving :)

Sheng, was ever so kind to drop us off at the Kelana Jaya train station, where we would then travel to klcc. It was a very long ride indeed. About 15 stops i think? But i absolutely love trains, so all was good.

The ultimate plan was to visit the Petroscience Centre. Tragically, it was sold out for the day. Damn those children on holiday! Since we had nothing else planned, we just hung around the mall, dropping by Kinokuniya and then later went on to the park. I love the park, except for the sun who insisted on shining in all its glory.

Stumbled upon Traders Hotel and so we decided to go in and chill. The Skybar view was absolutely breath taking. 33 floors is V E R Y H I G H UP.

Traders Hotel

Skybar. Awesome place to chill.

The Petronas Twin Towers

Birds eye view from the 33rd floor

the lake..

After hanging around at the lounge, we finally started walking back towards fooooooood. Ended up at Nandos, again. Unfortunate events lead us to it.

Nevertheless, it was awesome. Lips got burnt as usual. I still don't know how one can manage extra hot peri peri chicken and hot peri peri sauce. Just thinking about it makes my GI tract hurt haha.

Nisha says i look like a drug addict here. shes mean, i did say i was tired :P

were so alike in so many ways

Azrina and her funny face haha. urooj unfortunately wasn't feeling too well.

After dinner, we headed back 'cause it was clear everyone was beyond exhausted. Oh before i go further, i was especially fagged out from waking up at 5 to go for the Subang Jaya Original Bootcamp. It was oh-so-tiring but fun at the same time.

Alrite, back to the point. Urooj and Dayang left before us cause they had to get back to campus before they lock up. So Nisha, Azrina and myself took the train later. Nisha parted at KL sentral to catch the KTM to Klang while the Azrina and i rode it till Kelana Jaya and caught the bus. Im starting to really hate public transportation now haha.

We had a very emotional fml attitude talk on the way back. Good to know were still in touch with reality :)

Its been 8 years..

And so, Ive actually lost the zest for blogging.

Anyway, im bored now so i might as well. One random Tuesday last month, of which i cant remember exactly, Bee Ting, Rachel, Karen and myself met up. We couldn't really think of places to go so we headed to McDonalds. Well at least its nice and cold in there haha.

We literally just sat there for hours and caught up with each others' lives. Along with a whole tonne of laughter, as per usual. :) Oh and we also too about 300 pictures. HAHA! Ive got some here, but more of it are on Facebook.

i was actually on the phone when they were taking pictures. and no they didn't wait haha

the lizard pose :p

Bee ting, classmate all through out highschool since 1 Biru days. Rachel, i think we spent a year apart?

haha i have no clue why i looked so happy

Bting beyond cute! hahahahahahaha

red means stop. yellow mean slow down. green GOOOOO

we were pretty tired. just about now.

Till the next post, au revoir!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting by

When the day is long and the night is yours alone,
When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on
Don't let yourself go, 'cause everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ole Ole Bali

Couple of weeks back, the famous 10 met up again for our usual meals and such. However only 5 of us were there in bodily form. The rest were in our minds and hearts. OMG CORNY MUCH? haha

Ole ole bali! Awesome place to hang out.

shared this gigantic meal with Kai Xin. Delicious!

kai xin the centipede wei :)

literally the only boys left

Phillip being his horny self, tormenting Thomas

lets say they both enjoyed it

loving the look haha

zhi mei looking gooooood
we definitely ended the night with a BANG! (inside story)

its been weird making the transition from seeing him almost everyday to once in a few weeks =/

papaya shots, shio!

the group picture. at times like this, i wish we never had a blink reflex.

Credits to Kai Xin for 3 of the pictures above. For more oh how the night went, click here

Yes, I am back

Now where did time go? It's already the end of May, and since many of you have been bugging me to update this, here it goes.

News is, I'm officially done with Taylor's University College. It has been a beyond wonderful experience. Yes, we complain about the facilities and crappy situations we find ourselves in, but truth is, there will never be a better place. Especially the people we meet along the way.

the three musketeers.

nisha, ayeza and myself

the person I'm closest to in the entire programme

Bubbagump and all our adventures

ayeza :)

first day of semester 2. we sat in Starbucks for approximately 5 hours

Darryl. HILARIOUS Nutrition classmate

Azrina. Chem106 and nutrition buddy. the one that's always hungry. chocolate milk!

us with xin yin (damn I hope that's her name :P)

Myra (calculus 171) Ganesh (hallway :P) Mercy (calculus 171, biology 160) Karishan (Biology 160) Angie (Statistics 261) Surya (English 101)

Faisal, Syamir and Chris. All from Chem 106

Mercy the lab partner, Myra and Angie

Ms. Ng. One of my favourite lecturers. I signed up for the Chem 106 course with her but got Life 101, Jokes 101 and Cooking 101 in the package as well haha

Nutrition (FDSC201). Ultimately my favourite class of the semester along with Ms. Bessie, the best lecturer I had

Biol160 and FDSC201 chocolate factory field trip (that sucked real bad)

I miss every single one of the people I left back there, oh so dearly.